Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Older items I made..

Physical Therapy is going pretty good. It is very rough and painful, but that goes with the old saying no pain no gain. Going 3x a week, should be getting me on the right road soon! So glad I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, there for awhile I began to wonder if there ever would be a light again, the pain and all was just to much to deal with, but way better now! Today I went to AC Moore and had 50% off coupon and $10 award certificate so I got an embossing heating tool for free! Gotta love that! Now I have to get the other tools that go with embossing so I can play with that technique. EXCITED!! On to a couple pics of some items I made at the beginning of this year.....

First is a bouquet of  flowers I made for my mom for
Mothers Day 2010 (I am currently working on another bouquet for
a lady I met in the rehab facility I was in after surgery, her and I hit it off great as
room mates and still keep in touch)

this is a card I made for my best friends Birthday

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