Friday, December 17, 2010

No Posts for a bit....

Got ALOT going on in my life right now. I wont be posting much till after the holidays. I am steadily workin on hand making 50 Baby Shower invites for my Daughter-in-law, we are soooo excited about the arrival of the grand baby. lots of  moving in and moving out of the home, its is just to busy right now to do much more crafting till after the holidays! It feels SOOOOO good to be able to cook and clean and entertain our growing family for the holidays! I cant remember when it felt so good with no pain before this knee replacement, it really has changed my life. I am done with Physical therapy and totally off any and all pain meds other than Tylenol. I am sooo proud of myself after becoming dependant on morphine and oxycodone, feels GREAT to have it all out of my system, it was a long road but I did it with the help and patients of my family(love u all), and left it behind me.
I will post a pic of the baby invites when I get a chance.

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year!

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