Saturday, September 18, 2010

First Post!

Wow! who would have thought, I have a blog... Well to bring everyone up to date, I love scrap booking and card making. I started over a year ago but had to put things on hold due to health reasons i was just not able to craft.
On July 30th 2010 I had a (TKR) total knee replacement. The surgery went well but I had a few complications after, the blocks wore off by the time I got to my hospital room so I was in FULL BLOWN pain from the surgery. Then I developed major blisters on the outer part of the knee and the Dr's had no idea what they were from. After being discharged from the hospital I went to a rehab facility, boy was that a mistake. I sorta got put in a bed and forgot about, did not receive physical therapy but a couple times in 2 weeks. So then I went for a Dr apt and asked to be discharged to go home and have home health nurse and physical therapy come in. That went very well. I am still 2 weeks behind but I am improving every day. I have been released from in home physical therapy now and this Wed I begin my out patient physical therapy. I am really looking forward to that so I can continue my recovery process. I so want to get back into crafting and scrapping!
Thursday the 16th our family grew by one, our youngest son Mark married Alexis and it was a beautiful wedding. They are expecting their first baby in March 2011 so I will have soooooo much scrapping to do with our first grand baby on the way!!! Soooo Excited!

Well that brings you up-to-date on whats going on in my life. Was able to make the kids a card for their wedding and I will post that as soon as I figure out that part of the blog! Enjoy

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