Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Flower Delivery

So I set up a surprise to visit Anna with her hubby, we texted each other yesterday to set up the time for the visit today. I pulled into the drive and he said to her "oh someone just pulled into the driveway I will be right back" she is paralyzed and spends alot of her day in the hospital  bed in her living room. So he comes out to help me in and we walk in the door and he says "Anna you have a visitor" she says who its it I cant see, as she was facing the other way and could not turn to look, so he replies " hold on she is coming around the corner and I think you may recognize her" our eye met and she shouted "DAWN what a wonderful surprise!" Her husband was holding the vase as he carried it in for me, and I had it covered with a bag, and I said" I have a little something for you" and removed the bag and she was speechless for a moment as a tear came to her eye. She said "Dawn they are beautiful, thank you soooo much" I told her when she is looking at them to think of me and know I am thinking of her. I sat and we talked for over an hour, I could tell she was getting very tired so I told her that I must go. I thoroughly enjoyed our visit.

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