Sunday, October 17, 2010

When all else fails Go Shopping!!!

Had a bad night, not much sleep, trying to get off some strong pain med having withdraw symptoms so back on the med I go. This time not going cold turkey, going to slowly go off, 1 time a day instead of 2 for a week and then next week every other day...Praying that works. Missing my hubby really bad he is on the road for work and been gone week  tomarrow......
So like my title says when all else faild Go Shopping... armed with coupons in hand I start out at AcMoore....I have been dying for Prismacolor pencils since I cant remember when, so I went and got a set today.....I also got some wood mounted stamps....then on to Michaels again with coupon in hand, found some good deals, got a Martha Stewart punch set called Bath Bubbles, got some more wood mounted stamps and even a set of un-mounted halloween stamps and some ink....see my shopping goodies below!!! Have a great night all!

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