Friday, November 5, 2010

Good Morning!

I have been so busy with life! I am continuing with PT (physical therapy) from my total knee replacement I am 3 months and 1 week post op now. I went to the Dr last week and he said he was "proud of my progress" how many Dr's will say they are proud of you? So PT has been great, dread going just cause I want to stay in where its warm and be lazy, but once I get there I am so ready to give my all! I have been working on the total gym, and riding the stationary bike. The first day on the stationary bike I only went 1/4th mile and I was so proud of my self, well now I am up to a 1/2 mile in 15 min. With the flexion (bending) issues I am having riding the bike is a huge step for me.
I have been working on alot of digi's from some great designers, now I just have to put some cards together for Thanksgiving with them.
Tomorrow Lisa, mom and I are going to a Craft show, so looking forward to that. Maybe pick up a few things and surly to get a lot of new ideas as well. Hopefully we wont freeze our tails off, they are calling for snow flurries, the first of the season here in VA.
Well going to get back to some more great digi's,  maybe this weekend I will have some projects completed to share!

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